Golden : Empowering Rituals to Conjure Your Inner Priestess

Author: Asa Soltan

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

Persian Pop Priestess and Spiritual Gangsta Asa Soltan shares seven sacred rituals on beauty, love, career, family, and friendships—providing you with the tools to find confidence, empowerment, and channel your inner priestess.Asa was eight years old when her family fled their war-torn country of Iran to seek refuge in Germany. To say she experienced culture shock after arriving is an understatement. She had never seen anyone that looked and acted so different from her, and she didn’t speak a word of German or English. She felt completely cast off from her land, her culture, and her people. Feeling a need to connect to her culture and herself, she created rituals that she practiced every day...






May 9, 2017


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Golden : Empowering Rituals to Conjure Your Inner Priestess
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