Your 15th Club : The Inner Secret to Great Golf

Author: Bob Rotella

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

All golfers have fourteen clubs in their bag, but the real winners have a little something extra—that mental attitude that puts their game above the others. Dr. Bob Rotella, author of the bestselling book Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, brings together his skills and years of experience as a golf psychologist to give readers the insight they need to improve their game—before they ever step up to the tee.The 15th Club is the tool that golf stars like Tiger Woods use to block out negative thoughts, doubt, and fear. It is what allows champions to perform at their peak both in practice and during the game. Golfers who lack it find the game elusive and frustrating. Confident golfers play the game ...






May 13, 2008


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Your 15th Club : The Inner Secret to Great Golf
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