Off-World Blues Book 1 : A Cruel Game

Authors: Jean-David Morvan Bachan

Publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés

On New Year’s Eve 2999, a peacekeeping troop ship is violently attacked. Out of 3,000 soldiers aboard, only six survive, the remnants of an all-female commando team. Battling deadly adversity, they manage to land on the planet they had departed 16 years earlier, after brokering a careful truce between the human colony and the native alien population, only to discover it now fractured by hostile indigenous freedom fighters and the human warring faction. Meanwhile, the shadow of rogue Captain Nirta Omirli — who rallied the colonists to his cause — still looms large over the planet, despite having being executed 24 years previously...






September 17, 2019


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Off-World Blues Book 1 : A Cruel Game
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