How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

Author: Carnegie Dale

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

Stop worrying and take the steps to a happier, more fulfilling life! Through Dale Carnegie’s six-million-copy bestseller recently revised, millions of people have been helped to overcome the worry habit. Dale Carnegie offers a set of practical formulas you can put to work today. In our fast-paced world—formulas that will last a lifetime! Discover how to: -Eliminate fifty percent of business worries immediately -Reduce financial worries -Avoid fatigue -Add one hour a day to your waking life -Find yourself and be yourself—remember there is no one else on earth like you! How to Stop Worrying and Start Living deals with fundamental emotions and ideas. It is fascinating to read and easy to app...






October 1, 1998


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How To Stop Worrying And Start Living
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