Timeless Healing : The Power and Biology of Belief

Author: Herbert Benson

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

Learn how the mind shapes the body, and take charge of your health and wellness with the science and power of belief.In this life-changing book, Dr. Herbert Benson draws on his twenty-five years as a physician and researcher to reveal how affirming beliefs, particularly belief in a higher power, make an important contribution to our physical health. We are not simply nourished by meditation and prayer, but are, in essence, "wired for God." Combining the wisdom of modem medicine and of age-old faith. Dr. Benson shows how anyone can, with the aid of a caring physician or healer, use their beliefs and other self-care methods to heal over 60 percent of medical problems. As practical as it is spi...






May 1, 1996


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Timeless Healing : The Power and Biology of Belief
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