A Passion for Life

Authors: Stephen R. Covey Deepak Chopra

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

Based on the award winning public television specials featuring:Stephen Covey, Richard Carlson, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Caroline Myss, and other bestselling authorsFour empowering programs in one original audiobookConscious Living features Richard Carlson, Stephen Covey, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, and Marianne Williamson. Conscious Living provides listeners the life skills necessary to live each day mindfully and pursue our dreams in earnest.Conscious Aging includes Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Ondrea & Stephen Levine, Thomas Moore, and Caroline Myss. Is youthfulness a matter of attitude and beliefs, or can we take specific steps to dev...






March 1, 2002


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A Passion for Life
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