Turns Out, I'm Fine : How Not To Fall Apart

Author: Judith Lucy

Publisher Simon & Schuster Australia

Selected as one of Audible’s best audiobooks of 2021. Judith Lucy was just Great!Sure, the last remaining member of her immediate family had died, she was menopausal, she suspected her career was in the shitter and it seemed like the world was going to hell in a handbasket – but she was about to move in with the love of her life! Everything would work out because SHE HAD A MAN. Then, in the space of twenty-four hours, her relationship came apart and so did she. A broken heart became the catalyst for a complete existential melt down. She was nearly fifty, suddenly alone and unsure about every aspect of her life. How had this happened? Should she blame one of her four parents? What part had th...






April 7, 2021


525 MB

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Turns Out, I'm Fine : How Not To Fall Apart
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