A Bookshop in Paris

Author: Ellen Feldman

Publisher Simon & Schuster UK

The war is over, but the past is never past …   Paris, 1944. Charlotte Foret is working in a tiny bookstore in Nazi-occupied Paris struggling to stay alive and keep her baby Vivi safe as the world around them is being torn apart. Every day they live through is a miracle until Vivi becomes gravely ill.  In desperation, Charlotte accepts help from an unlikely saviour – and her life is changed forever.   Charlotte is no victim – she is a survivor. But the truth of what happened in Paris is something she can never share with anyone, including her daughter. But can she ever really leave Paris behind – and survive the next chapter of her life?   Seamlessly interweaving Charlotte’s past in wartime ...






4 août 2020


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A Bookshop in Paris
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