Lymph & Longevity : The Untapped Secret to Health

Author: Gerald Lemole

Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio

Learn how you can boost your immune system and help prevent virtually every major medical condition—including cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, GI issues, and obesity—by keeping your lymph system healthy, as explained by renowned cardiologist Gerald Lemole.The lymphatic system serves as our body’s maintenance department and has a direct effect on our cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems. It has also been one of the most misunderstood systems. Until now. At last, renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and pioneer in the study of lymph Gerald Lemole explains in straightforward language why the lymphatic system is the key factor in longevity and disease prevention, and how imp...






October 5, 2021


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Lymph & Longevity : The Untapped Secret to Health
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